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Coinbase NFT Pauses New Collection Drops, Denies Shuttering Marketplace

The Coinbase NFT marketplace remains open for trading and buying of existing NFT collections. The company has assured its users that it is committed to providing a secure

Bored Ape, CryptoPunk NFT Floor Prices Lag Bitcoin

The average price of a Bored Ape NFT is currently around $50,000, while the average price of a CryptoPunk NFT is around $20,000.

Nike. SWOOSH Web3 Studio Kicks Off with Polygon...

We believe that the combination of Polygon's fast and affordable transactions, and our expertise in shoe design and manufacturing, will create a unique and innovative experience for our customers.

South Korean court rules NFTs as speculative and...

NFTs has grown rapidly in recent years, the technology and the market for them are still relatively new and undefined. This lack of regulation has led to issues such as fraud, plagiarism, and market manipulation. 

NFT sales topped 101 million in 2022: DappRadar...

DappRadar shows that the majority of NFT sales in 2022 were in the gaming and collectibles industry

Bored Ape Yacht Club’s Sewer Pass mint nabs...

The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) has once again proved the power and popularity of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) in the digital world with the recent launch of their Sewer Pass mint. This mint, which was released just one hour ago, has already garnered $1.3 million in sales, solidifying the BAYC’s status as one of the […]

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AI avatars launch on Polygon as CharacterGPT brings NPCs to life

The launch of CharacterGPT on Polygon has been met with widespread excitement from the gaming community

McDonald’s Will Enter Metaverse This Lunar New Year

McDonald's, the global fast-food giant, has announced that it will be entering the metaverse during the upcoming Lunar New Year. This move marks the company's latest effort to stay relevant and engage with customers in new and innovative ways.

Metaverse Can Build Access for Big Companies, Says...

The metaverse, a term used to describe a virtual shared space where users can interact with each other and a variety of digital assets, has the potential to provide access to big companies looking to expand their reach. This is according to the CEO of Virtual Brand Group, a company that specializes in virtual reality and augmented reality experiences.

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Polkacity offers a new VR horse racing experience

The key benefits of the game is that it provides a fun and engaging way for players to improve their horse racing skills.

Merit Circle DAO Votes To Reduce Total Token...

DeFi gaming platform Merit Circle has voted to burn $170 million worth of its native MC tokens. The tokens being taken off the total supply were set aside as rewards for gamers and were deemed as having no utility.

Web3 Gaming Platform Oasys To Debut Mainnet Ahead...

Crypto gaming platform Oasys is preparing to launch its mainnet in three phases ahead of public token listing. The gaming company is backed by big names in the industry including SEGA, Ubisoft, Yield Guild Games and Square Enix.

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Toyota Tests Developer Skills on Popular Japanese Blockchain

Toyota, the Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer, has recently announced its plans to test the skills of blockchain developers on the popular Japanese blockchain, Miracoin. The company aims to find talented developers who can help drive its ongoing blockchain initiatives forward. Miracoin is a decentralized blockchain platform that has gained widespread popularity in Japan due to […]

EOS Blockchain is Making Web3 Waves on the...

EOS's push towards Web3 is also driven by its commitment to security and privacy. The platform uses cutting-edge encryption and secure storage solutions to protect user data and prevent hacking attacks

‘World of V’ Taps VeChain to Bring Web3...

The World of V is working to bring VeChain's blockchain technology to businesses in various industries, including retail, logistics, and more. The company aims to help businesses in the adoption of Web3, a decentralized platform that allows users to own and control their digital data and assets.

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Goldman Sachs Ranks Bitcoin Best Performing Asset so Far This Year

The fact that Goldman Sachs, one of the most respected names in the financial industry, has ranked Bitcoin as the best performing asset so far this year is a significant development.

Bitcoin Price Gearing For Another Lift-Off and Might...

Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency, is once again gearing up for another price rally, and many analysts believe it could surge to $25,000 or even higher. This comes after a period of consolidation in the market, during which the price of bitcoin fluctuated between $30,000 and $40,000. One of the main factors driving the renewed […]

Bitcoin Weekly RSI Reaches Line Between Bear &...

Many analysts believe that this level of uncertainty is a result of the market's reaction to the recent news of major companies such as Tesla and Square investing in bitcoin. While this news has been positive for the crypto market