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ECB officials move to ‘preparation phase’ for digital euro.

Officials at the European Central Bank (ECB) have initiated the "preparation phase" for the digital euro, indicating progress towards the development of a central bank digital currency (CBDC). This move aligns with the ongoing exploration of digital currency solutions in response to the evolving financial landscape.

Top 5 Global Banks Are Now Onboarded to...

5 major global banks have successfully integrated XRP, a cryptocurrency, into their operations through the Volante platform. This development showcases growing interest and adoption of digital currencies in the financial sector.

SEC reportedly won’t appeal court decision on Grayscale...

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has decided not to appeal a recent court ruling related to the Grayscale Bitcoin ETF, signaling a shift in the regulatory approach to cryptocurrency-related investment products. This decision suggests a potential opening for more crypto-based ETFs to enter the market without facing the SEC's resistance.

Ether Could Hit $8K by End of 2026:...

According to a report from Standard Chartered, there is a bullish outlook for Ethereum (Ether), with predictions that it could reach $8,000 by the end of 2026. This forecast suggests growing confidence in the long-term potential of the cryptocurrency as it continues to gain popularity and adoption.

SEC launches investigation into Elon Musk’s purchase of...

The SEC has initiated an investigation into Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter, focusing on potential violations of federal securities laws. This inquiry centers on the purchase and Musk's related statements and filings.

Arbitrum Foundation and Fracton Ventures Join Forces to...

Arbitrum Foundation and Fracton Ventures team up to boost Ethereum Layer 2 adoption in Japan, advancing blockchain technology.

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Meta’s Horizon Worlds launches on mobile and web in early access.

Horizon Worlds by Mark Zuckerberg is expanding its horizons beyond the realm of virtual reality, aiming to attract a wider user base to its immersive 3D virtual world.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse has lost over $21.3 billion...

While Meta's Metaverse vision has faced substantial challenges, with Reality Labs reporting significant losses, the company remains optimistic about its future in augmented reality and virtual reality technologies.

Apple Headset Could Redefine What Being In The...

   Apple headset has the potential to redefine what it means to be part of the metaverse. By leveraging its hardware, user experience, and ecosystem integration strengths, Apple could deliver a seamless and immersive experience that enhances social connectivity and transforms virtual interactions.

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Gala Games Founders in Court Over $130M Token Theft.

The Gala Games founders clash in court with two lawsuits. one alleging the theft of $130 Million worth of GALA and the other alleging corporate waste.

Super Mario Game Is Loaded With Crypto Malware...

According to Cyble's report, the legitimate installer for the fan game is bundled with additional malicious software. One such component is the XMR Miner, which silently operates a Monero (XMR) cryptocurrency miner in the background.

NFL Rivals Mobile Game Surpasses 1 Million Downloads...

Mythical Game's NFL Rivals has showcased the potential for blockchain-based gaming experiences to provide players with enhanced engagement and a sense of ownership.

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Square Enix announces auction dates for Symbiogenesis NFTs.

Square Enix has revealed the auction dates for its highly anticipated Symbiogenesis NFT collection. The announcement marks a significant move into the blockchain space for the renowned gaming and entertainment company.

Digital yuan used to settle crude oil trade...

A Chinese oil company has made history by using the digital yuan to settle a crude oil trade. This move underscores China's growing adoption of its central bank digital currency in various sectors, including the energy industry.

Blockchain Company LBRY Shuts Down After Legal Battle...

Blockchain company LBRY has come to an end following a lawsuit with the SEC. Learn more about the implications of this legal battle for LBRY and the blockchain industry.

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El Salvador Introduces “Freedom Visa” Program for Crypto Millionaires.

El Salvador has launched a groundbreaking "Freedom Visa" program specifically catering to crypto millionaires, offering them unique incentives to reside in the country. This initiative aligns with El Salvador's broader embrace of cryptocurrency, exemplified by its adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender.

U.S. House Committee Approves Pro-Blockchain Bill.

In a significant move, the U.S. House Committee has granted approval to a pro-blockchain bill, marking a positive step towards embracing and regulating blockchain technology. The decision reflects a growing recognition of the potential benefits and applications of blockchain in various industries.

Elon Musk-Backed X.AI Raises $1B in Equity Offering,...

In a notable development, X.AI, a startup supported by Elon Musk, has successfully raised $1 billion in an equity offering and officially filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The substantial funding signals a significant milestone for the company as it advances in its endeavors under the backing of the renowned entrepreneur Elon Musk.