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Facebook and Instagram Users Can Now Cross-Post NFTs

Meta has released its NFT feature for Facebook and Instagram in 100 countries. Users can now connect supported crypto wallets to their Facebook and Instagram accounts to upload and share Ethereum, Flow and Polygon NFTs.

Coinbase To Launch NFT Floor Pricing Oracle

Crypto exchange Coinbase is developing a live NFT floor price feed. The service developed in collaboration with blockchain data oracle, Chainlink, aims to solve liquidity issues faced by NFT lending platforms when NFT prices drop during crypto market slump.

Build-A-Bear To Launch Swarovski Encrusted NFT Teddy Bears...

Build-A-Bear, a popular customized stuffed toy retailer, is entering the Web3 industry with the launch of its teddy bear themed NFT collection. The company will launch its digital collectibles, which includes one Swarovski crystal encrusted teddy bear NFT, with accompanying physical toys in three phases.

Mastercard To Feature Bored Apes and Moonbirds NFTs...

Mastercard has launched customizable debit cards for users of European crypto exchange “hi”, who own blue-chip NFTs. The debit cards will allow users to spend fiat currency, stablecoins and cryptocurrencies in 25 EU countries and the United Kingdom.

MonkeyLeague Becomes AC Milan’s NFT Gaming Partner

Solana-based play-to-earn (P2E) gaming platform becomes the official NFT gaming partner of Italian football giants AC Milan. The game will release Rossoneri themed digital collectibles including game assets and wearables on NFT marketplace Magic Eden.

Christina Aguilera to release NFTs and metaverse experiences

Pop diva Christina Aguilera has filed metaverse and NFT patents at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to release virtual merchandise and experiences for fans.

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Disney Hiring Lawyer To Help With Metaverse Business Plans

Disney is hiring a transaction lawyer for its legal department who will help the company review business deals involving metaverse and decentralized finance. The entertainment media company has long been taunting plans to expand into the metaverse industry.

Softstar to bring its games to the metaverse

Legendary PC game developers Softstar Entertainment is bringing characters from its vintage games to the metaverse. The gaming label is partnering with metaverse studio Lululand to launch its experience in the Ethereum-based gaming platform The Sandbox.

Panda DAO to dissolve after internal conflict

Core team of Panda DAO has called it quits after conflict between users and the development team was jeopardizing the project. A referendum has been issued by the DAO to return all investor assets.

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Axie Infinity

Non-fungible token (NFT) crypto collectibles like artwork and videos exploded in popularity in early 2021, but several blockchain-based video games had already been building in the space before most people took notice.


Immutable X is the first layer-2 network for NFTs and blockchain-based games that aims to solve issues of scalability and high transaction fees on Ethereum. It allows traders, gamers and artists to make faster transactions with zero fees across Ethereum supported NFT platforms.


Illuvium is the first AAA game on the Ethereum blockchain. The open-world fantasy battle game offers gamers a wide range of in-game features alongside DeFi capabilities.

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Robinhood Release Beta Version Of Web3 Wallet

No-fee trading platform Robinhood has released a beta version of its upcoming Web3 wallet. The non-custodial wallet will allow users to connect to DApps and trade over 20 cryptocurrencies without any fees.

Helium moves entire network to Solana

The blockchain-based, decentralized and open-source mobile network has announced that it will be moving its entire operations and governance to the Solana blockchain. Helium recently entered into an agreement with T-Mobile to launch the Helium Mobile, a crypto mobile network that rewards customers in crypto tokens for usage.

Cardano builder IOG funds Stanford University’s Blockchain Research...

IOG, builder of the Cardano blockchain, has donated to Stanford University’s Blockchain Research Hub. The foundation is helping establish blockchain research labs as a way to contribute to the development of the blockchain industry.

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Telefonica To Accept Crypto Payments On Marketplace

Telefonica, Spain’s largest telecom provider, will accept crypto payments on its tech marketplace The telecom giant recently launched its own NFT marketplace on the Polygon blockchain and is partnering with chipmaker Qualcomm to develop metaverse technologies.

SEC Ordered To Turn Over Hinman Documents in...

U.S Securities and Exchange Commission is ordered by a judge to present documents related to comments made by former Director William Hinman. who stated that cryptocurrencies are not securities. A major turning point in the Ripple vs SEC lawsuit.

Israel, Norway And Sweden Collaborate With BIS To...

Central banks of Israel, Norway and Sweden are collaborating with the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) to study and develop CBDCs for cross-border payments. The project dubbed “Project Icebreaker” will run through the year and submit its final report in Q1 2023.