Yield Guild Games is a metaverse gaming platform that offers users the opportunity to generate income by creating virtual economies. YGG sees huge potential in the DeFi and metaverse gaming market, and believes in the exponential growth of the industry.



YGG is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) based on the concept of creating virtual economies with unique experiences using NFT assets purchased or rented in the metaverse. The organization aims to build a community where cross-platform P2E gamers can interact and compete with each other.


The DAO’s main source of income is from its assets. Guild members can use the NFTs, either owned or rented, as trading currency to get in-game rewards.

Virtual lands on YGG generate revenue through non-guild members who rent out plots for their economic activities. Prices of NFTs are influenced by the economic value its activities generate in the metaverse. The higher the price of the asset, the higher the NFT will sell on the open market.


To be eligible for selection by the DAO, the play-to-earn games must fulfill three conditions:

1.Virtual economy with a native token

2.Play-to-earn functionality where players will be rewarded for their participation in the game.

3.Virtual land-based economy which can acquired


YGG believes that virtual economies will be more relevant and useful than real economies in the long run. The DAO has a unique business model.

Players can generate revenue by selling or renting out their NFTs to players from other metaverse like The Sandbox or Axie Infinity. These NFTs will be partly owned by YGG in a profit-sharing model.

For example, a guild members’ Sandbox NFT rented out or sold will generate SAND tokens in The Sandbox metaverse. The SAND earned then returns to YGG’s DAO, with players who bought or rented the NFTs receiving percentage shares of YGG tokens for participating in the DAO.


YGG encourages its community to be involved in its DAO by submitting proposals and voting on key decisions made by the platform about products, technology, projects, token distribution, governance structure and more.

A distributed system is used to make decisions regarding the DAO that is based on the number of votes acquired by a particular proposal. The participant who writes the winning proposal will earn various rewards from the DAO.


The native token of Yield Guild Games is YGG and it has a total supply of 1 billion tokens. YGG tokens are distributed in the following way:

-45% will be distributed among the community

-13% will be allotted to the treasury

-24.9% will go to YGG investors

-15% will go to the YGG founders

-1.85% will go to YGG advisors


YGG Vault is the platform’s staking mechanism where token holders are given various staking options. The platform offers staking vaults with unique rules like vesting period, lock-in period and reward escrow.

Stakers can opt for an All-in-One Staking System, where they can earn rewards from all vaults in equal proportion to the YGG staked in them.

Users also have the option to stake in vaults that generate token rewards from all activities on the metaverse.

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