Trump’s NFT Collection: Round 2

In this hypothetical scenario, the question is about the possibility of a second round of NFT collection by former US President Donald Trump. The answer would explore the concept of NFTs, their increasing popularity, and the potential market for a Trump NFT collection. It would also consider the controversy surrounding Trump's presidency and how that could impact the success of such a collection.

Trump’s NFT Collection: Round 2


Former US President Donald Trump has released the second installment of his much-anticipated NFT collection. The collection includes a variety of digital artworks inspired by the previous president’s political career and personal life, such as animations and videos.
This announcement is no surprise, given that Trump’s first NFT collection was a big success, resulting in one of the works selling for a whopping $6.6 million. The collection will be sold through Rarible, an online marketplace that has grown popular for buying and selling NFTs.

While some have questioned Trump’s entry into the NFT market, others see it as a wise economic decision. Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, have grown in popularity recently, with some digital artworks fetching millions of dollars. Trump is capitalizing on this trend and generating a new money source by introducing his line.


What’s the price of Series 1 Trump cards?

Series 1 Trump cards have a floor price of about 0.17 ether on April 18, or $353.58, using current Ethereum (ETH) exchange rates, according to This gives the Series 1 Trump NFTs a market cap of around $15.91 million or 7,650 ether, ranking the collection #68 among top NFT collections. The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT collection is the most valuable, valued at $1.1 billion, or 530,500 ether.


Why Trump’s launched Series 2 NFT Collection?

Following the “great success” of his inaugural non-fungible token (NFT) trading cards, former US President Donald Trump unveiled a second series of his digital Trump card collection on April 18. Even though the cards sold out quickly, Trump announced on Truth Social that he kept the initial card prices for the new collection.


How many cards are there in the Series 2 launch?

Trump has returned with a new NFT collection of 47,000 digital cards created on Polygon. His first NFT collection, which debuted in mid-December 2022, sold out in hours. The value of the cards soared on secondary markets after a Manhattan grand jury indicted Trump.


What has Trump said about Series 2?

In a Truth Social post, Trump stated, “I am happy to inform you that, because of the immense popularity of the previously released digital trading cards, we are doing it again; series 2 is now available. He also stated that despite the cards’ success on the secondary market, he maintained the prices consistent.

What did Trump say about the cost of the Trump’s new NFT Collection?

Trump said, “that I’m keeping the cost of the cards for trade the same as the previous time, though they’ve been selling to a lot more (it’s called the market! ), and that they sold off immediately because I would like my supporters and admirers to make money while having fun.” “I could have increased the price, and I believe it would still have sold well with a lot more cash coming to me, but I chose not to.” So I won’t get any ‘nice man’ points?”


What else can customers have if they buy new NFTs?

Every card has a “unique pre-assigned rarity.” So, for example, customers who buy 47 of Trump’s NFT Collection can eat with the former president.


For What Trump accused?

Trump was accused on 34 felony counts of allegedly manipulating business records linked to purported payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels on March 30, 2023.

Has Trump Pleaded guilty to the accusation and with what he came up with?

Trump has pled not guilty, and his legal team has requested a trial date in April 2024. Just 19 days later, Trump debuted his second NFT collection on Truth Social. Each card costs 99 USD, designed for individual enjoyment of collectible things but not for the investment of vehicles.

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