This Is What Happened In The Cryptocurrency World Today 24/04/2023

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This Is What Happened In The Cryptocurrency World Today 24/04/2023



Gemini and Coinbase plan to make offers for the assets of the Celsius network.

Gemini and Coinbase are reportedly considering making offers to acquire the assets of the Celsius network. The crypto lending platform has gained significant traction recently, with over $20 billion in digital assets under management. Both Gemini and Coinbase want to expand their offerings in the crypto lending and borrowing space, and acquiring Celsius would provide them with an established platform.

According to sources, talks are still in the early stages, and it needs to be clarified how much Gemini and Coinbase are willing to offer for the Celsius network. However, the potential acquisition would mark a significant move for both companies in the competitive crypto space.

Gemini and Coinbase are leading cryptocurrency exchanges offering their customers a range of services. Gemini was founded in 2014 by the Winklevoss twins, and Coinbase was founded in 2012. Both companies have gained popularity for their user-friendly platforms and security measures.



According to Visa, its “ambitious crypto product roadmap.”

One of the world’s largest payment networks, Visa, has recently announced its ambitious crypto product roadmap. The company has recognized the growing demand for crypto-related products and services and aims to establish itself as a leading player. Visa has been exploring the crypto market for several years and has already launched several initiatives to support crypto adoption.

According to the company, it plans to enable a crypto purchase directly from its platform, integrate stablecoins into its network, and support the settlement of cryptocurrency transactions. Visa also aims to develop its blockchain-based digital identity solution to improve security and privacy for users.

The move comes as the use of cryptocurrencies becomes increasingly mainstream, and businesses recognize the need to adapt to changing consumer preferences. Visa’s entry into crypto is a significant development that could drive further adoption and acceptance of cryptocurrencies.



Through integration with Coinbase, the first bitcoin real estate marketplace in the US launches.

The first Bitcoin real estate marketplace in the US has launched through integration with Coinbase. The platform allows users to buy, sell, and invest in real estate using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In addition, the integration with Coinbase allows for seamless transactions, making it easier for buyers and sellers to participate in the market.

The real estate industry has slowly adopted cryptocurrencies, but this new marketplace signals a growing acceptance of digital currencies. With Coinbase’s reputation as one of the leading crypto exchanges in the US, the integration adds legitimacy and security to the platform.

Using cryptocurrencies in real estate transactions can provide faster settlement times and lower transaction fees. As digital currencies become more mainstream, we will likely see more platforms integrating with Coinbase and other exchanges to support the use of cryptocurrencies in real estate and other industries.



After 12 years, a dormant wallet with 1,000 Bitcoin valued $27 million has been reactivated.

After 12 years of dormancy, a wallet containing 1,000 Bitcoin has been reactivated, with the coins now worth an estimated $27 million. A blockchain tracker first detected the movement of the cash and sparked speculation about the identity of the wallet’s owner and their reasons for accessing the funds.

The prolonged inactivity suggests that the wallet’s owner may need to remember their Bitcoin holdings or even pass away without leaving their private keys to anyone else. Alternatively, it could be a deliberate move by the owner to sell or trade the coins, taking advantage of the current bullish trend in the Bitcoin market.

Whatever the reason for the wallet’s reactivation, the move highlights Bitcoin’s potential value as a long-term investment. With a finite supply and increasing demand, Bitcoin has proven to be a valuable asset for those willing to hold onto it for an extended period. As the crypto market evolves, we will likely see more stories of dormant wallets being rediscovered and their owners reaping the rewards of their early investments.



The wrapped Bitcoin token (cBTC) is been released on Cardano’s testnet, enabling users to create these tokens using the Cardano blockchain’s anetaBTC protocol.

Cardano blockchain has taken a significant step towards enabling interoperability with other blockchains by introducing the anetaBTC protocol, which allows the creation of wrapped Bitcoin tokens. The first such token, called cBTC, has been released on Cardano’s testnet, demonstrating the ability to create Bitcoin-compatible tokens on the Cardano blockchain.

The introduction of cBTC on Cardano has important implications for the DeFi ecosystem, as it allows Bitcoin holders to access DeFi applications that were previously only available to users of Ethereum and other blockchains. The anetaBTC protocol also allows for the seamless transfer of cBTC between different blockchains, further increasing the utility of the Cardano blockchain.

The release of cBTC on Cardano is just the first step in the platform’s ambitious plans to become a leading player in the DeFi space. By leveraging the unique features of the Cardano blockchain, such as its Ouroboros consensus algorithm and formal verification, the platform is positioning itself as a secure and reliable option for users looking to participate in the growing DeFi market.



ChatGPT has been included into Binance’s Web3 academy.

Binance’s Web3 Academy has added ChatGPT to its list of training programs. This is a significant achievement for ChatGPT, as it acknowledges the platform’s expertise and understanding of cryptocurrency’s complex and ever-changing world.

The Binance Web3 Academy is known for providing some of the best training programs in the industry. It covers many topics, including blockchain technology, decentralized finance, smart contracts, etc. With the inclusion of ChatGPT, the academy can now offer its students access to the knowledge and expertise that the platform possesses.

This partnership will enable learners to access the latest and most accurate information on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. It will also help promote the ChatGPT platform as a reliable source of knowledge and expertise.



In the first known criminal case using NFT assets, Nathaniel Chastain, a former product manager at OpenSea, has been charged with insider trading.

In a first-of-its-kind criminal case, Nathaniel Chastain, a former product manager at OpenSea, has been charged with insider trading involving NFT assets. Chastain allegedly used his access to non-public information to buy and sell NFTs before they were publicly announced on the OpenSea marketplace. The charges mark a significant moment in the evolution of NFTs as the crypto industry grapples with the regulatory and legal implications of these unique digital assets.

NFTs have exploded in popularity over the past year, with high-profile sales reaching millions. However, the lack of clear legal guidelines and oversight has raised concerns about potential fraud and abuse. The case against Chastain highlights the need for increased transparency and regulation in the NFT market.

How this case will impact the broader NFT ecosystem remains to be seen. Still, the industry must ensure NFT transactions’ integrity and protect investors from potential misconduct.



After 7.7 years, a dormant Ethereum ICO wallet with millions of dollars becomes live.

A dormant Ethereum wallet, inactive for 7.7 years, has become life again. According to blockchain records, the wallet contains millions of dollars in Ether tokens. In addition, the wallet was associated with an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) from 2014, which raised funds for developing a decentralized platform for sharing unused internet bandwidth.

The reactivation of the wallet has caused speculation and curiosity in the cryptocurrency community. However, it is unknown who is responsible for the activation. Still, the founders may have finally decided to take action on the funds raised during the ICO.

This event highlights the importance of securing cryptocurrency wallets, as dormant wallets can become targets for malicious actors or accidental loss. It also emphasizes the potential long-term value cryptocurrency investments can hold, as even seemingly forgotten wallets can hold significant wealth.



KuCoin, a cryptocurrency exchange, compensates Twitter account hack victims completely.

KuCoin, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, recently confirmed that they would compensate victims of the Twitter account hack on November 13, 2020. Furthermore, the business has assured that it will fully reimburse the affected users for any losses incurred due to the attack.

In the attack, hackers gained control of several high-profile Twitter accounts, including those belonging to prominent cryptocurrency figures, and used them to promote a Bitcoin scam. Many users fell victim to the hustle and lost money as a result.
KuCoin’s decision to compensate the victims is a significant move that demonstrates the company’s commitment to its customers’ security and protection. It also sets a positive precedent for other exchanges and companies to follow in the event of similar attacks.

When cyber-attacks and fraud are becoming increasingly prevalent in the cryptocurrency industry, it is reassuring to see exchanges like KuCoin proactively safeguarding their users’ assets.



Ordinals Finance is charged with running a “rug pull” exit fraud using the Ethereum DeFi protocol.

Ordinals Finance, a DeFi project on the Ethereum blockchain, faces allegations of conducting a rug-pull exit scam. The project generated a lot of buzz in the DeFi community and raised millions of dollars in its initial offering. However, it was revealed that the project’s founders had drained the liquidity pools, causing the value of its native token to plummet.

The founders are accused of absconding with the funds, leaving investors high and dry. This incident has highlighted the risks involved in investing in DeFi projects, particularly those with untested intelligent contracts. The cryptocurrency community is now calling for more stringent measures to protect investors from scams.


As part of Argentina’s $45 billion IMF bailout, the nation must adopt a position against cryptocurrencies.

Argentina’s $45 billion IMF bailout comes with a catch – the nation must take a position against cryptocurrencies. This has caused outrage among crypto community members, who see it as a clear violation of financial freedom. Argentina has been in economic turmoil for many years, with high inflation and a volatile currency.

Cryptocurrencies have offered an alternative for many Argentinians looking to protect their wealth. However, this move by the IMF has put the nation in a difficult position. While some see it as a necessary step towards stabilizing the economy, others view it as a blatant attack on individual financial autonomy. It remains to be seen how this will play out and the long-term effects on Argentina’s relationship with cryptocurrencies.


Terraform Labs’ crypto token Luna was ruled not to be a security by a South Korean court.

In a landmark ruling, a South Korean court has declared that Terraform Labs’ crypto token Luna is not a security. This is a significant victory for Terraform Labs, the blockchain company behind the popular decentralized finance (DeFi) platform Terra. The ruling means that Terra is not subject to South Korean securities regulations, which would have imposed high compliance costs on the company.

The court’s decision was based on an analysis of Luna’s characteristics and utility, which the judges found to be distinct from traditional securities. Luna is a utility token used to power transactions on the Terra blockchain, and its value is not derived from the profits or activities of Terraform Labs. The ruling is a positive development for the DeFi sector. It clarifies the regulatory status of utility tokens and could pave the way for more incredible innovation and adoption in the space.



Bybit, a cryptocurrency exchange, will begin requiring mandatory KYC on May 8.

Bybit, a popular cryptocurrency exchange, has recently announced that it will enforce mandatory KYC (Know Your Customer) protocols starting May 8th. The decision responds to the increasing demand for regulatory compliance within the cryptocurrency industry. KYC protocols are used to verify the identity of users and prevent illicit activities, such as money laundering and terrorist financing.

Bybit is just one of many cryptocurrency exchanges recently implementing KYC protocols in response to regulatory pressure. While some in the cryptocurrency community may oppose KYC and view it as a violation of privacy, others argue that it is necessary to protect against fraud and criminal activity. It remains to be seen how Bybit’s decision will impact its user base and the cryptocurrency industry as a whole.



Romania connects to Web3 through its national NFT market.

Romania has joined the growing list of nations adopting blockchain technology by launching a national NFT market. The marketplace, known as the National NFT Platform, is designed to connect Romanian artists and collectors with the larger Web3 ecosystem. The NFT market has been gaining traction recently, with sales of NFTs reaching record highs.

This latest development is significant because it demonstrates the Romanian government’s commitment to blockchain and NFT technology. As a result, the Romanian NFT market will likely attract considerable attention from blockchain enthusiasts worldwide. Seeing a nation embrace new technology and leverage its potential to create opportunities for its citizens is exciting. With more countries exploring blockchain, we expect to see even wider adoption of this technology in the coming years.



The Bank of Korea has the authority to look into regional cryptocurrency businesses.

The Bank of Korea has been given the power to investigate and scrutinize local cryptocurrency businesses. As digital assets continue to gain traction in the mainstream, regulatory bodies are increasingly interested in monitoring their development. The move by the central bank signals a willingness to engage with the cryptocurrency industry, as they aim to ensure that the market is operating within legal and ethical boundaries.

While South Korea has been a prominent player in the crypto space, the government has taken steps in the past to regulate its usage, particularly with regards to anti-money laundering measures. The Bank of Korea’s new powers give them the ability to look into any regional cryptocurrency-related activities, including but not limited to exchanges and trading platforms. The hope is that these efforts will help create a safer and more transparent environment for those involved in the cryptocurrency industry.

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