This Is What Happened In The Cryptocurrency World Today 18/04/2023

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This Is What Happened In The Cryptocurrency World Today 18/04/2023


Former President Donald Trump introduces the second installment of his NFT collection.

Former President Donald Trump has announced the release of his second Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection, signaling his continued foray into the world of digital art. The collection features a range of unique digital assets, including animated GIFs, still images, and audio clips, all highlighting some of the most memorable moments of his presidency.

The release of this second installment follows the successful debut of Trump’s initial NFT offering, which generated significant buzz and garnered high bids from eager collectors. The former president has been keen to embrace new technologies and capitalize on the growing interest in blockchain-based assets. In addition, he sees it as a lucrative opportunity to engage with his supporters and further his brand.

This latest collection draws inspiration from Trump’s various accomplishments in office, from his diplomatic efforts to his economic policies. Each NFT has been meticulously crafted to capture the essence of these achievements, utilizing innovative design techniques and cutting-edge technology to create truly unique digital art pieces.



Coinbase Threatens to Exit US Amid Regulatory Uncertainty.

Coinbase Threatens to leave the United States if the government fails to clarify regulatory requirements for cryptocurrency exchanges. In a blog post, the CEO of the famous business, Brian Armstrong, expressed frustration over the lack of clear guidelines from regulators and warned that the company might be forced to relocate if the situation does not improve.

Armstrong’s post highlights the challenges crypto companies face in the US, where regulations governing the industry are still in their infancy. The lack of clarity has led to uncertainty and confusion, making it difficult for companies like Coinbase to operate and expand.

The threat of relocation is active, as other crypto companies have already left the US in search of more favorable regulatory environments. Countries like Singapore and Switzerland have emerged as attractive destinations for crypto startups, offering clear regulations and a supportive business environment.



SEC Chair Gary Gensler blames the failure of Silicon Valley Bank on cryptocurrency.

SEC Chair Gary Gensler has recently suggested that the failure of Silicon Valley Bank can be attributed, at least in part, to the rise of cryptocurrency. In a speech delivered at the American Bar Association’s Derivatives and Futures Law Committee, Gensler highlighted the risks and challenges posed by the rapid growth of digital assets and its impact on the traditional banking sector.

Gensler pointed out that the growth of cryptocurrency has led to increased competition for banks as consumers seek out alternative financial services and investment options. This, in turn, has put pressure on traditional banks to adapt and evolve, but many have needed help to keep pace with the rapidly changing landscape.

Silicon Valley Bank’s recent collapse can be seen as an example of this phenomenon. The bank, which had specialized in providing banking services to technology startups and venture capital firms, needed help to adapt to the challenges posed by the rise of digital assets and blockchain technology.



MicroStrategy Chairman Michael Saylor revealed that the company’s business email address had been converted to a Bitcoin Lightning Address.

MicroStrategy Chairman Michael Saylor has once again demonstrated his commitment to Bitcoin Lightning. He recently announced that the company’s business email address had been converted to a Bitcoin Lightning Address, marking a significant step in the firm’s cryptocurrency adoption. This move by MicroStrategy showcases its willingness to embrace innovative technology and lead the way in the corporate world’s cryptocurrency adoption.

Saylor has been a vocal supporter of Bitcoin and has often spoken about his belief in its long-term potential as a store of value. MicroStrategy has made significant investments in Bitcoin, holding over 90,000 Bitcoin worth billions of dollars.MicroStrategy’s choice to convert its email address to a Bitcoin Lightning Address solidifies its status as one of the most critical organizations in the cryptocurrency field.

The move also highlights the potential of Lightning Network, a layer-two scaling solution that enables faster and cheaper Bitcoin transactions. MicroStrategy’s adoption of the technology is an endorsement of its capabilities and could encourage other companies to explore its potential.



Senator Elizabeth Warren recently warned about the threats that Bitcoin mining brings to electrical infrastructure and the environment.

Senator Elizabeth Warren has raised concerns about the environmental impact of Bitcoin mining on electrical infrastructure. The senator recently spoke about the need to address the growing threat posed by Bitcoin mining to the environment, citing the large amount of energy consumed by the process.

Bitcoin mining is a process that involves using high-powered computers to solve complex mathematical equations to verify transactions on the Bitcoin network. This process requires significant energy, with estimates suggesting that the entire Bitcoin network consumes as much power as a medium-sized country.

Senator Warren’s remarks reflect a growing concern among policymakers and environmental advocates about the impact of Bitcoin mining on the environment. As the demand for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continues to grow, we must consider the long-term consequences of our actions and take steps to mitigate any negative impact on our planet’s natural resources.



Binance has lifted the €10,000 restriction for Russian accounts.

Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, has recently lifted the €10,000 restriction for Russian accounts. This move is a significant development for Russian traders, who can now deposit and withdraw unlimited funds on the platform.

The lifting of this restriction reflects the growing demand for cryptocurrencies in Russia and Binance’s commitment to providing its users with a seamless and convenient trading experience. The move also highlights the increasing importance of Russia in the global cryptocurrency market as more and more traders look to take advantage of the opportunities offered by this emerging asset class.

Binance has long been famous for cryptocurrency traders, offering various trading pairs and advanced features. The lifting of the €10,000 restriction for Russian accounts further cements its position as a leading player in the industry and will surely attract even more users to its platform in the months and years.


Republican legislators labeled SEC Chair Gary Gensler an “incompetent cop on the beat” on Tuesday, accusing him of driving crypto to communist China.

On Tuesday, Republican legislators attacked SEC Chair Gary Gensler, labeling him an incompetent cop on the beat and accusing him of driving crypto to communist China. The accusations come amid growing concern among lawmakers that the SEC’s efforts to regulate the cryptocurrency industry could have unintended consequences.

Gensler, an outspoken advocate for increased regulation of the crypto industry, has faced criticism from some Republicans who believe his policies will stifle innovation and push businesses overseas. The accusation that Gensler drives crypto to communist China is particularly noteworthy, reflecting the increasing geopolitical tensions between the United States and China in technology and finance.

Despite the criticisms against him, Gensler remains committed to protecting investors and promoting fair and efficient markets. As the crypto industry continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how the SEC adapts to these changes and what impact its policies will have on the broader financial ecosystem.



According to sources, Intel will no longer manufacture chips for Bitcoin miners.

Sources have revealed that tech giant Intel has decided to stop manufacturing chips for Bitcoin miners. The move comes as a surprise to some in the industry, given the growing interest in cryptocurrency mining and the recent surge in the value of Bitcoin.

The decision by Intel reflects a broader trend in the semiconductor industry, where many companies focus on producing chips for other applications, such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of things. In addition, this shift away from mining-specific chips could have significant implications for the crypto industry, as it may lead to a shortage of hardware for miners.

Despite the setback, the crypto industry is known for adapting to changing circumstances. As mining becomes more difficult and expensive, new solutions will emerge to address these challenges. But, for now, the decision by Intel to exit the Bitcoin mining space is a reminder of the fast-paced and ever-evolving nature of the crypto industry.



The UAE government will accept licensing applications from cryptocurrency companies looking to provide services nationwide.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) government has announced that it will start accepting licensing applications from cryptocurrency companies seeking to provide services within the country. This move is expected to help legitimize the use of cryptocurrencies in the UAE and attract more companies to set up operations in the country.

According to the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA), the UAE’s financial regulator, interested companies can now apply for a license to operate as a cryptocurrency exchange or to offer other crypto-related services such as custody and brokerage.

This decision by the UAE government signals a growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies in the region and could pave the way for increased adoption of digital assets in the Middle East. However, with the global crypto market growing, governments need to create a regulatory framework that supports innovation while protecting consumers and investors.





Lido deposits have surpassed $12 billion because of Ethereum’s Shapella, which has increased liquid staking.

Lido deposits have surpassed $12 billion because of Ethereum’s Shapella, which has increased liquid staking.

Lido, a popular Ethereum-based decentralized finance (DeFi) platform, has achieved a significant milestone as Lido deposits have crossed the $12 billion mark. The surge in sediments can be attributed to the growing popularity of Ethereum’s Shapella, a new feature that enables liquid staking. As a result, users can stake their Ethereum holdings while retaining liquidity and accessibility to their assets, resulting in a hassle-free DeFi experience.

Lido’s success can also be attributed to its user-friendly interface and high staking rewards. The site has built a reputation as a safe and dependable staking alternative, attracting customers hoping to generate passive income from Ethereum holdings.
As Ethereum continues to grow in popularity and utility, it is expected that Lido’s success will only continue to rise, providing a valuable service to those looking to participate in the DeFi ecosystem.


The Smurfs, a famous animated brand, is releasing a unique collection of NFTs.

The Smurfs, the iconic animated brand loved by many, is jumping on the NFT bandwagon. The company has announced a unique collection of NFTs featuring some of the most beloved characters in the Smurfs universe.

The group will be available for purchase via a dedicated NFT marketplace. This move represents The Smurfs’ latest attempt to expand its brand into the digital realm, following in the footsteps of other companies that have turned to NFTs to engage with fans and collectors.

The NFTs are expected to feature exclusive artwork and offer unique opportunities to interact with the Smurfs franchise in new and exciting ways. Fans and collectors alike eagerly anticipate this latest addition to the NFT world as The Smurfs’ popularity continues to endure.


According to the development team, the SafeMoon hacker has agreed to restore 80% of the stolen monies.

In a surprising turn of events, the SafeMoon hacker has agreed to return 80% of the stolen funds, according to the development team. The hacker gained unauthorized access to the cryptocurrency’s liquidity pool and drained it of nearly $3 million worth of funds.

The theft prompted an immediate response from the SafeMoon team, who worked tirelessly to track down the perpetrator. This news relieves the SafeMoon community, who worried the stolen funds would be lost forever.

However, it’s important to note that the hacker still needs to return the funds, and whether they will follow through with their promise remains to be seen. The SafeMoon team has emphasized that they will continue to work towards recovering the remaining 20% of the stolen funds.


Kraken, a cryptocurrency exchange, has received regulatory authorization in Ireland.

Kraken, a popular cryptocurrency exchange, has recently obtained regulatory authorization to operate in Ireland. This news is significant, as it means Kraken can now offer its services to customers in the country, which could help expand the company’s reach and user base. The approval also reflects the growing interest in cryptocurrencies in Ireland and the recognition of their potential as a viable investment option.

Kraken is known for its advanced trading features, high levels of security, and competitive fees. The exchange provides users access to digital assets and supports multiple trading pairs. With this regulatory approval, Kraken joins a small group of cryptocurrency exchanges fully compliant with Irish regulations, which should inspire confidence among customers and investors. As the cryptocurrency industry continues to grow, exchanges like Kraken must comply with rules to help ensure the safety and security of their users.

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