This Is What Happened In The Cryptocurrency World Today: 12/04/2023

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This Is What Happened In The Cryptocurrency World Today: 12/04/2023

The FTX cryptocurrency exchange is considering relaunching the business shortly after recovering $7.3 billion in assets.

FTX, the renowned cryptocurrency exchange, is preparing to make a comeback after successfully recovering $7.3 billion in lost assets. The business faced a major setback in 2020 when it suffered a security breach that resulted in losing millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency. However, recovering the stolen assets has allowed the exchange to relaunch itself and regain its position as a leading player in the crypto market.

FTX’s decision to relaunch the exchange could mean significant changes to the platform’s security protocols and infrastructure. The business may also introduce new services and products to attract more users. The relaunch would represent a milestone in the cryptocurrency industry, demonstrating the resilience of the FTX exchange and instilling confidence in investors and traders alike.


Billionaire Warren Buffett claims that Bitcoin has no fundamental value and is merely a gambling token.

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett recently made headlines by stating that he believes Bitcoin has no fundamental value and is simply a “gambling token.” Buffett, known for his successful long-term investing strategy, has been a vocal critic of cryptocurrencies. However, his latest comments have reignited the debate around the value of Bitcoin.

Buffett’s criticism of Bitcoin centers around the idea that it has no intrinsic value, unlike stocks or bonds that generate income for their holders. Instead, he believes that the cryptocurrency’s value is purely speculative and driven by the hype surrounding it.


To protect Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining, Montana has adopted a law.

Montana has taken a step forward to protect the cryptocurrency industry by adopting a law focusing on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining. The new law aims to provide a framework that ensures the mining industry in Montana continues to flourish while keeping its interests protected.

The law’s tax breaks and incentives for Bitcoin miners are among its most essential components. The law also ensures that local regulations maintain the industry’s growth. Additionally, the law puts guidelines for using renewable energy sources in mining operations, which is crucial for a sustainable future.

However, the law has drawn criticism from some quarters, citing environmental concerns and increased energy consumption. As a result, the state could consider implementing measures to address these concerns.


The biggest virtual bank in Hong Kong will act as a “settlement bank” for cryptocurrency exchanges.

Hong Kong’s largest virtual bank has announced that it will now function as a settlement bank for cryptocurrency exchanges. As a leading traditional financial institution that deals directly with virtual currencies, this action represents a crucial turning point for the developing cryptocurrency industry.

By acting as a settlement bank, the virtual bank will facilitate transactions between the cryptocurrency exchanges and their customers, providing a platform for the settlement of payments. This move is indicative of the growing demand for cryptocurrencies as a means of diversifying investment portfolios.

The regulatory environment for cryptocurrencies is also becoming increasingly favorable, attracting more investors and traditional financial institutions to enter the market. As cryptocurrencies gain greater legitimacy, the industry will likely continue to expand and develop, leading to the widespread adoption of digital currencies.


This fiscal year, the Spanish tax authority will issue 320,000 letters to people who owe taxes on their Bitcoin holdings.

Spanish Tax Authority is set to issue 320,000 letters to Spanish citizens this fiscal year who own Bitcoin and are yet to pay their taxes. The tax authority has taken this measure to ensure that citizens comply with tax laws related to cryptocurrencies. Failure to declare Bitcoin holdings and transactions can lead to hefty penalties and fines.

This move is part of the Spanish government’s efforts to combat tax evasion through cryptocurrency transactions. The tax authority is taking strict actions against individuals who fail to comply with tax laws related to bitcoin holdings.


A former Department of Justice special agent raised $4.3 million to combat cryptocurrency crime.

A former special agent for the Department of Justice has raised $4.3 million to fight cryptocurrency crime. The anonymous former agent wants to use the money to create cutting-edge tools for tracking and investigating cryptocurrency-related criminal activity.

Cryptocurrency’s anonymity and decentralization have made it attractive to criminals involved in illegal activities such as money laundering, fraud, and drug trafficking. However, the former agent’s initiative will focus on developing new tools and techniques to address these challenges.

The $4.3 million raised will be used to hire a team of experts in the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, invest in research and development of new solutions, and collaborate with law enforcement agencies and organizations to ensure effective strategies are in place.


TRX, the token from Tron, falls by 6% when Binance US delists it.

Following Binance US’s announcement that TRX would be delisted, the price of the Tron network’s native token has dropped by 6%. Yet, other cryptocurrency exchanges have also withdrawn TRX from their websites, indicating that Binance US’s action is standard. This has raised concerns about the long-term viability of the TRX token and its regulatory risks.

The delisting could be attributed to Tron’s controversial past and Justin Sun’s association with the platform. As a result, TRX investors are now left searching for alternative exchanges to trade the token.

However, this is not the end of Tron’s journey. To restore investor confidence, Tron needs to focus on building stronger partnerships and enhancing its token’s utility. Additionally, the Tron community needs to work towards gaining more adoption for the network and showcasing its potential to the broader public.


Bitfinex has become the first digital asset platform to receive a license from El Salvador.

The permit will allow Bitfinex to offer digital asset trading services in the country. This move is significant for Bitfinex as it opens up new opportunities for the exchange in the Latin American market. El Salvador is home to more than 6 million people, and its economy is expanding.

The license demonstrates El Salvador’s willingness to adopt cutting-edge technologies and its openness to cryptocurrency. Bitfinex is a leading cryptocurrency exchange that offers a wide range of digital assets for trading.

The license will enable Bitfinex to expand its services to a new market and provide more options for traders in El Salvador. This development is a positive step for the cryptocurrency industry and highlights the increasing acceptance of digital assets worldwide.


According to cryptocurrency exchange FTX, a Swiss court has permitted the company to sell its European operations.

FTX has received permission from a Swiss court to sell its European operations, according to reports. The cryptocurrency exchange had sought to divest its European arm for some time as it focused on its core competencies and growth opportunities in other markets. FTX has seen significant growth in the US and Asia, and this move is likely to enable it to concentrate more on these regions.

Although no details have been released yet on who potential buyers might be or the sale price, industry experts believe that the sale could be significant, given FTX’s strong reputation and the growth potential of the European market.

This development is likely to be viewed positively by FTX and its investors, as it enables the company to streamline its operations and capitalize on growth opportunities in other regions. It will be interesting to see how the sale of FTX’s European operations unfolds and what the future holds for the exchange.


According to the CEO of Binance, regulators must have a thorough understanding of cryptocurrency to make appropriate policies.

The CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, recently stated that regulators must comprehensively understand the cryptocurrency industry to create appropriate policies. With the decentralized nature of cryptocurrency, traditional regulatory frameworks might not be applicable. Therefore, regulators must understand the cryptocurrency industry’s technical aspects and market trends to create effective policies that promote innovation and protect investors.

To achieve this goal, Zhao suggests a collaborative approach where industry players and regulators work together to educate each other. For example, cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance can help regulators understand the intricacies of cryptocurrency trading, its associated risks, and technological advancements. This would enable regulators to create policies that align with the changing dynamics of the industry.


To sell Grayscale Bitcoin items in Hong Kong, Metalpha raises $100 million.

Hong Kong-based investment firm Metalpha has secured $100 million in funds to sell Grayscale Bitcoin Trust shares in Hong Kong. The move signifies the growing interest in Bitcoin investments among institutional and accredited regional investors. Metalpha plans to offer a range of investment options, including a Bitcoin-only fund and a multi-asset fund that includes exposure to Bitcoin.

With the help of the well-known digital currency investment vehicle Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, investors can access Bitcoin without needing a digital wallet. It holds Bitcoin and issues shares representing fractional ownership in the trust. The funds raised by Metalpha will be used to purchase Grayscale Bitcoin Trust shares and establish the necessary infrastructure for its investment products. Strategic investors, including Hong Kong-based alternative investment firm HashKey Group and Japanese investment bank SBI Holdings, led the $100 million fundraising round.


Before the Shapella upgrade, the cryptocurrency exchange Kraken started withdrawing all stored ETH.

In preparation for the upcoming Shapella upgrade, Kraken, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, has recently withdrawn all stored ETH. The move aims to safeguard user funds and avoid potential risks during the upgrade.

The Shapella upgrade is set to bring significant changes to the Ethereum network, including a switch to a new consensus mechanism and overall performance improvements. However, such alterations may also result in market volatility and uncertainty, which could threaten investors and traders.

Kraken’s move to withdraw ETH before the upgrade is a testament to the exchange’s commitment to ensuring the safety and security of its users’ funds. It also allows traders and investors to reassess their portfolios and adopt new strategies that align with the changing market landscape.




Coinbase Exchange has made history by winning the first-ever insider trading case in the bitcoin sector.

The case awarded the company $470,000 in damages. The lawsuit was filed by a trader in 2019 who accused Coinbase employees of purchasing Bitcoin cash (BCH) before it was listed, resulting in a surge in value. The trader claimed to have suffered losses due to the alleged activity. However, Coinbase denied the allegations, and the court ultimately ruled favorably. The ruling sets a precedent for future insider trading cases in the Bitcoin industry.

The decision highlights the importance of fair play in the digital currency as the industry matures and gains mainstream acceptance. Insider trading is considered unethical and illegal in the traditional financial sector, and such practices are expected not to be tolerated in the cryptocurrency market. This landmark ruling sends a message to all industry participants that integrity and transparency are essential to the continued growth and success of the Bitcoin sector.

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