How to make your first NFT: Beginner digging NFT as an artist.

NFT is changing the way the creative industry works, enabling artists and creatives to make a living in the digital world. Read on to learn how to create your first NFT in this beginner's guide to crypto artists.

How to make your first NFT: Beginner digging NFT as an artist.

Why Mint NFT as an artist or creator?

The first thing you need to know is what exactly NFT is. NFTs are unique digital assets cryptographically protected on a blockchain that provides verifiable ownership. NFTs are usually items found in the “real world,” such as, For example, a work of art, a piece of clothing, a contract, recorded music, and so on.

NFTs are different from exchangeable tokens, such as cryptocurrencies like Monero (XMR), because they are non-reproducible once they are cut into the blockchain. Therefore, it makes sense for creative people to seek out NFT for many reasons. Let’sLet’s take a look at the main benefits of creating NFTs.


Artists face the challenge of profiting from their work, especially for long periods. Once you’ve created a work of art or a book, you can only make money from it at the point of sale, and in some cases, like B. books and music, there may be PDF and MP3 copies that you’ll never make.

The situation with NFTs is different. Since each NFT is unique and recorded on the blockchain, tracking its movement and resale is easier; original creators can earn a certain percentage of revenue on each sale if this feature is coded in NFT.

Copyright ©

Something closely related to copyright is copyright. The challenge is that your or the artist’s work may be used in any way without your knowledge or permission. However, NFT lets you track who owns your songs and how they are used. For some artists, NFTs can become cryptographic properties of real-life artwork or commodity evidence.

For example, a visual artist may send a physical image to a new owner who has purchased an NFTs version of the work, and each time there is a new owner, the image will be sent to the new owner, and the transfer of ownership stored in the blockchain.

Cut the middleman

For artists, intermediaries such as record labels, galleries, and auction houses usually mean better market access. But, on the other hand, it also means the artist loses most of his income. With NFTs, artists take on the role of creating and distributing art through NFTs marketplaces such as OpenSea. This way, they can make money directly from the sale.

Low entry barrier

NFT Digging is a simple process that can be accessed by anyone around the world with an internet connection, breaking down barriers to the global creative industry. The next section considers some things when forging your first NFT.

What should you consider before doing your first NFT?

You first need to do some market research on what NFTs are out there, especially for your particular niche in the arts. Having an idea of ​​what you already have can inspire what your call for an NFT or NFT collection might be like. Or how your work fits into the stage. Second, decide what you want to sell. Is this a work of art? Book? Music? Make sure you can own the item digitally. Third, look at blockchains and markets that can help you build your NFT.

You can use many blockchains to mine NFT, including Ethereum, Solana, BNB Smart Chain, and others. With this research, please look at how each blockchain works, the financial implications, and the size of its NFT community.

Once you have the information, it’s time to move on to the next step. To cut.

How To Bypass Your First NFTs: A Step-by-Step Guide

For this article, let’s look at how to copy your NFT to OpenSea, the most popular marketplace for NFT. OpenSea allows people to find, sell and buy NFT in their marketplace. It is based on the Ethereum blockchain and supported by the Wyvern protocol. The platform has recently started to invest in more chains.

Step 1: Visit the OpenSea website

Go to the OpenSea website and click the “Create” button at the top right of the screen.

Step 2: Activate your Ethereum wallet

After clicking “Create,” you will be asked to activate Ethereum portfolios such as MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, WalletConnect, and others. Since we’rewe’re using a computer in this example, you can install any of the above extensions as a browser extension. OpenSea offers several alternatives and displays those compatible with your computer.

In this case, we use MetaMask. It is important to have this wallet so you can store your NFT and pay transaction fees (gas fees). Just click on the wallet of your choice. In this case, we use MetaMask. After downloading and installing MetaMask, keep your recovery phrases safe and private. This is important to protect your NFT and crypto from theft.

Step 3: Connect your MetaMask

Then click on the OpenSea Account tab. The page asks you to connect to the wallet, which you then click on “MetaMask.” MetaMask will ask you for your password, and after verification, successfully connect to OpenSea and create your new account.

Step 4: Build Your NFT

Then click the “Create” button on the OpenSea website. This is to help you create your NFT. When you click the button, a MetaMask prompt will appear, asking you to connect to your wallet, which you must agree to. You will then be taken to a page where you can upload and describe your NFT or collection. When you have filled in all the data, click “Create.” And that’s it! Now, you can decide whether to keep your NFT secret or sell it on the OpenSea marketplace.

The costs incurred for withholding and selling must be taken into account. If this is your first time selling NFT on the platform, there are two transactions you have to pay. The former will help you activate your order account, while the latter will give access to OpenSea so they can access your NFT after the sale. Lastly, OpenSea will deduct 2.5 percent of your costs.

How and where to market your NFT as a startup crypto contractor

After digging up your NFT and launching it in OpenSea, the next step is to launch it. This step requires you to develop a marketing strategy. Even if it sounds complicated, it can be very simple. The most important thing to consider when the strategy is the channel you will use to announce that you have created an NFT collection. Social media channels are the easiest way to do this. Some social media channels you can browse are Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, and Discord. You can also use this channel to pay for advertising to reach more people.

Other channels you can use are blogs and online editing. You can create a press release outlining the story of the NFT and your collection, then contact the appropriate blog or editor to ask them to publish the issue for you. In many cases, this may result in a fee to be communicated to you through publication. Word of mouth is another way to market your NFT. In this case, you can ask those around you, as friends and family, to spread your release to your friends. In the same way, you can also enlist the help of social media influencers, who you can pay to mention your NFT in one of your posts or even create a campaign around it.

Lastly, having supporters by running a page or website on social media and consistently sharing your work is important. This sequence will help you build a ” fan base” or potential market before you give up your NFT or NFT collection. With NFT likely to remain a part of the creative industry, knowing how to create and sell your own NFT is fundamental in every creative person’s life.

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