Everdome is a hyper-realistic metaverse located on Mars, where users can purchase land, rent out properties and create unique experiences. The game was created by Rob Gryn, the co-founder of Metahero - a VR metaverse platform where users can play as avatars of themselves.


The metaverse industry has grown tremendously over the years. However, several problems still persist with VR and AR technologies that underpin the metaverse architecture. One of these is the lack of realistic elements in virtual reality.

Popular metaverse games like Decentraland (MANA) and The Sandbox (SAND) build their environments using two dimensional elements. Everdome’s solution to this is to create a hyper-realistic metaverse experience. The game uses revolutionary environment building technologies to replicate real world elements in the metaverse.


Everdome is an ambitious and unique metaverse platform that aims to merge reality with virtual reality through the offering of products and services for both worlds. The Metaverse is located on Mars where people and brands can purchase lands, create experiences, and start businesses.


The metaverse’s HQ, called the Dome, is where NFTs can be purchased from. Dome is the central hub and the capital of Everdome.


Everdome’s ecosystem will provide lands for people, brands and even communities that wish to relocate to Mars. large areas of land can be bought to settle your company or communities with complete sovereignty and support from the platform.


Metahero in collaboration with Wolf Digital World (WDW) will use their revolutionary scanning technology to produce high quality three dimensional depictions of real world assets in the Everdome metaverse. WDW’s scanning technology was used to develop elements in the hit game Cyberpunk 2077.


Metahero’s next generation Metascanner technology will be used to create the bridge between reality and the digital realm. This technology will connect gamers, artists, entrepreneurs and users in a way like never before.

3D Chambers will be placed around the metaverse where users can scan any object including themselves in ultra-high definition. Users will be rewarded with Metahero’s $HERO token for their contribution to creating virtual elements in Everdome. The chambers can be used to create:

1.Human avatars

2.Models of real world objects such as buildings, cars, environments etc.

3.NFTs of real world artwork


1.Property Sales/Rent

Purchase land in Everdome to increase your metaverse NFT holdings.


Brands and companies can use the advertising space made available in the world to promote their product and services. This is possible without purchasing land.


Everdome facilitates a marketplace where users, brands, companies can sell their product and services to a larger audience in the metaverse and real world.


Everdome’s native $DOME is used for all in-world transactions. The token has a maximum supply of 100 billion tokens, with 9.44 billion currently in circulation.

-The tokens will distributed in the following way:

-15% reserved for the founders

-21.5% is listed on exchanges and used for liquidity

-12% reserved for partners and project advisors

-24.5% reserved for stakers and in-game rewards

-10% reserved for the treasury

Users can earn rewards in DOME by selling or renting out lands, playing games in the metaverse and staking DOME.


DOME is available on OKX, ByBit, CoinTiger, Gate.io and BKEX crypto exchanges.

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