Beyond Axie: The next generation GameFi project that will move games in a chain

Axie Infinity, the lucky draw (P2E) blockchain game that manages everything, is similar to Bitcoin for the larger crypto ecosystem. Like Bitcoin, it is the biggest name in its market, a powerful hub that attracts public attention and is the target of most of its competitors.

Beyond Axie: The next generation GameFi project that will move games in a chain

Like Bitcoin, it is no stranger to controversy, from severe inflation to the recent hack of the ronin chain. While worrying, Axie’s current struggles are unlikely to negate the P2E games that have helped people in several emerging markets serve food during the worst of COVID eras. However, they opened the door for some introspection for the industry, giving more leeway to go beyond the Axie model and experiment with new approaches, tokenomics, and design philosophies. Fueling this debate is a new generation of industry-driven blockchain games — here are a few titles that stand out among their ranks.

Kryptomon: Ready, Stable, Hatch!

Kryptomon, a live game powered by NFT on the BNB chain, takes every kid’s favorite theme from the 90s and accelerates Tamagotchi and Pokemon style play with the blockchain era. This puts players in the shoes of a Kryptomon trainer, hatching and nurturing their creatures before embarking on exploration of the game world in player-to-intermediate and player-to-player challenges.

The game takes place in its own metaverse and places great emphasis on lore and storytelling, which players can explore through its webcomics. Those who crave more will find character journals and journal entries published in his medium, along with community news and new feature releases. The project ultimately aims to build a 3D world that players can explore from desktop and mobile devices.

Currently, Kryptomon offers players a Tamagotchi style experience to hatch their monsters from eggs and fulfill their needs, feed and train them. They can also breed their NFT creatures to get new, more powerful creatures. The game is a breakthrough in the design of Living NFT, as each monster is based on a unique set of genes that can be passed on to their offspring. Players welcomed the project with great enthusiasm and bought all the original NFTs in an instant.

Levana: Crypto-style Edutainment

While most games offer users nothing but entertainment, Terra Levana Finance goes a step further and uses gamified apps and services to educate users on the basics of DeFi. It offers users up to 2x leveraged trading platforms – and plenty of games and products based on the knowledge behind its sci-fi setup.

In the Levanaverse this year is around 2500 AD and humans have managed to expand to Mars and colonize the Red Planet. But the process doesn’t go as smoothly as planned, and now that the road home is cut off, the invaders must build a nascent civilization in an inhospitable world. Four different factions emerge, vying for power as they usually do in science fiction, from the attractive Council to the rebellious Free Martians. Oh, and there’s a dragon!

Levana is expanding its universe with new game projects and other environments, from comics to novels, and is working to introduce Crypto and Web3 to more users. He relied on the entertainment factor and provided not only dry boards to his audience, but an entire experience full of knowledge and character.

Spielworks: To deep dungeons and old caves

While Levana is working to familiarize consumers with cryptocurrencies and leveraged trading, Spielworks, a German developer of blockchain apps and gaming and financial services, is looking for something different at its own education and entertainment company. Its newest multi-chain game, Wombat Dungeon Master NFT, introduces users to the concept of NFT betting, which allows them to win with irreplaceable tokens in their possession.

The game sees users staking their NFTs in proverbial dungeons and sending their wombats out on a treasure hunt. Wombats dig deep, unearth useful resources and earn experience points that allow them to chase and win more prizes. Apart from introducing betting, the game also serves as a showcase for the NFT collection of dozens of partner projects.

The Wombat Dungeon Master game is part of a larger network of P2E services currently being built by Spielworks. Other solutions include Wombat Wallet, a multi-chain crypto wallet built for gamers, and Womplay, a platform that allows users to earn crypto and NFT by simply playing dozens of supported mobile and web games. The company is working to encourage blockchain adoption in the larger gaming industry, with the primary goal of gaining actual ownership of players’ in-game assets.

Monoverse: From Dinosaurs and Fruits

Monoverse, a leading Korean blockchain game developer, offers its own consumers the reptile theme that we previously discussed with dragons. His very own NFT game, Frutti Dino, allows anyone to have an exploration of the animated NFT dinosaur, as you might have guessed, Dinoverse. Users can train their digital reptiles, craft various items for them, breed them for new ones, and send them on various challenges, from battles to competitions.

Fruitti Dino will be just one of the blockchain gaming projects and services Monoverse is building. The company is also working on a marketplace that will allow consumers to trade their NFTs. His other blockchain project is Pieta, a social platform for digital art connoisseurs that also uses NFT technology. Monoverse has also expanded its game portfolio by entering the everyday strategy genre with the mobile titles Hero Fighters and Kingdom of Warfare.

The Six Musketeers: The Blade and Ballwork

“All for one and one for all,” said the three shooters from Dumas. Now their war cries can be heard through the crypto space, which, as usual, is upping the ante by doubling it. And of course, The Six Muskotiers, a new title for M&E, also includes a dog in the equation because everything is better with a dog.

In fact, Shoki, the Six Musketeers puppy, becomes the center of attention in the game’s story when he accidentally launches the shuttle. This marks the beginning of a series of events that pits the kids against an evil AI trying to take over the human race. To prevent this, the protagonists arm themselves with their Muscovites, from swords to rifles to heavy armor, and head to the arena. The game takes inspiration from classic multiplayer games like League of Legends to offer players single and multiplayer tactical gameplay. It uses procedural generation for its levels, provides endless replayability, and includes a variety of character archetypes divided into three roles: attacker, midfielder, and defender. The developers made their product suitable for e-sports and thus created the basis for the competition scene to come in the future.

XMANNA: Add more games to your game

While eSports has long passed a stage of oblivion, now attracting millions of viewers and the attention of leading advertisers and sponsors, traditional sports are experiencing a decline in popularity – especially among a younger audience. XMANNA, a company working to bring the sports industry to the blockchain and rail metaverse, tackles the problem with a multi-faceted approach where gamification is the main pillar.

The company recently signed a partnership with Major League Soccer team Inter Miami CF, which is owned by David Beckham. In addition to seeing its logo on the sleeves of players’ jerseys, XMANNA will also work to help the club connect with fans in new ways, increasing engagement and enjoyment. The XMANNA solution provides game developers and sports clubs with a suite of tools for easy integration, enabling clubs to provide an enjoyable gaming experience during in-game commercial breaks. It also offers a white-label club loyalty platform that can be customized to their needs, as well as a Metaverse stadium that acts as an NFT ticketing solution and as a stage for digital concerts and other virtual events.

Time Raiders: Shoot them and loot them

While most video games tend to stick to only one historical period in their setting, that’s not good enough for Time Raiders. Instead, M&E titles send players on epic treasure hunts spanning multiple eras and locations, from the Three Kingdoms of China to the steampunk version of Victorian London. All in all, time travelers will run and destroy mobs of enemies to collect valuable loot and return them to the home base.

Made by experienced developers, this game runs on the Unity engine and offers a high-quality user experience and great graphics. It offers addictive and fast-paced gameplay including player-to-player and player-to-medium modes. In addition to common weapons such as pistols and sniper rifles, it allows players to summon heavy cavalry – from mobile artillery to fighters and bombers. The game economy will rely heavily on NFT to manage ownership of most game assets, from firearms and military machines to entire levels that players can rent for exclusive access. While many NFT titles have an up-front cost, Time Raiders is free for anyone to join and start playing. And he’s already released dinosaurs as one of the boss monsters in the game, so for those counting reptiles, here’s another one.

BattleFly: Flutter like a butterfly, pulse like a fighter jet

As cool as dinosaurs are, BattleFly, an NFT strategy game, instead attracts creatures that are much smaller and gentler than the main predator. You don’t want to disturb the butterflies in your universe because they are not normal peaceful insects. They are the most modern and combat ready weapon systems.

After the flies hatch from their cocoons, players send them to the Garden where they look for weapons to equip and improve their combat skills. They can also send their Weaponized Insects to Hyperdomes, the battle arena where BattleFlies compete to bring gifts to their owners. BattleFlies is part of the larger TreasureDAO Metaverse, a world hub that connects multiple Metaverse, gaming, and crypto projects. BattleFly intends to expand its integrative integration with Treasure over time, adding support for its NFT and joining other platforms in this space.

TOP: Virtual experience, real world

While in most video games, blockchain or not, players can usually sit across from them with a controller or keyboard and enjoy, OVER acts as the backbone for a more active experience. The platform serves as a Pokemon Go-style adventure infrastructure and uses augmented reality (AR) technology to provide users with digital real-world experiences.

OVER uses blockchain and NFT to manage ownership of spatial locations, real space hexagons. Anyone who thinks NFT is a specific location in the real world controls the AR experiences available there. Thanks to the site scanning data collected by the company, its AR application is highly accurate in terms of the location of virtual objects, which allows for complex and detailed projects. The OVER product includes a robust SDK that allows developers to build and integrate their AR experiences into the platform. In addition to the simplest projects such as virtual objects placed in specific locations, it supports more complex applications including interactive experiences and entire P2E games.

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